Service at 9:00am Sunday Morning!


Welcome to Calvary Church, Grand Rapids,

If you’ve never walked through our church doors before, but hesitate doing so because of a list of concerns, we get it!  One church can be vastly different from the next, even within the same denomination.  We’re hoping that this letter helps to calm some of your concerns and answer your questions.

First, I’ll offer a brief description of our service.  Our Worship Service is best described as a blended service. It’s a service that incorporates both the traditional and the contemporary worship styles.

Simply put, we value the relationships that we have with one another over having a singular worship style.  We believe that holding relationships dear over demanding personal tastes for particular worship styles reflects Biblical values and brings us greater joy!

Next, during service each week we have a moment dedicated to tithes and offerings. It’s during this time that we recruit the biggest, scariest ogres we can find to shake the lunch money out of the pockets of all visitors. This takes the pain out of having to decide whether or not to give. We’ve done this for you. You can thank us later…

Clearly, none of that is true.

If you’re visiting our church do not feel the need to give!  We do not want this to be a factor in your decision to come and visit our church. It would be amazingly disheartening to us if people avoided coming to worship on Sunday over this issue. There’s too much good happening here to let that be an obstacle. We want you here, but you can leave your wallet at home.

Here’s a fear factor in coming to church, “What should I wear!?”  For the most part, we don’t care. Really! Some people attend church in suits, others in jeans. Most men wear collared shirts, and many of the ladies dress up. In the end, as long as people are fully clothed and don’t look like you stepped off of a Miley Cyrus video shoot, everything should be fine. We care more about your presence than your style.

Finally, having to choosing where to sit in church is a lot like playing a game of real-life minesweeper.  Visitors are stuck randomly choosing a seat and simply hoping that the seat they chose didn’t “belong” to a member of the church who dropped out of anger-management class.  That is not a problem here.  We’ve experienced a high number of new attendees recently and the first-come first-serve seating arrangement is the expectation.

I hope this letter helps you feel more comfortable about visiting our church.  This is a wonderful place to be and we would love to see you here.  Thank you for visiting!

-Pastor Scott Carman and the Calvary Church, Grand Rapids